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Is Microsoft Lowering the Software Quality Bar for the Industry?

From a paper I wrote in 2006 originally titled “Is Microsoft Ruining Software Quality?” I have worked as a professional software testing and QA consultant since 1994 and have tested software, as a developer and user, much longer. I scan … Continue reading

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Unit Tests – Please tell the Hiring Manager what these are

Another pet peeve of mine is unit testing.  Oh there’s nothing wrong with it; I recommend it highly, but clueless managers and HR people see the word “test” and think “Ah,ha – This is something testers do.” Wrong.  Unit tests … Continue reading

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What’s the “U” in UAT stand for?

I always thought UAT was User Acceptance Tests, but apparently this has changed over the past couple of decades. The idea behind UAT is that actual, real-life users of the application would test it after it came out of development … Continue reading

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More Pathetic Job Postings

Develop and maintain test strategy and test plans for data warehouse and web applications developed using Cognos suite of tools, SQL Server, Oracle, Web Servers, VB, Windows, etc; review, approve testing “Project Plans”; interface with business analysts, SMEs, development partners … Continue reading

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Actual Job Listings from Dice

Here’s an old collection – Oh, yes, I’ll be adding newer ones – for your entertainment.  These are real posting found on DICE.  Nothing has been altered.  Some are funny; others pathetic. Position Title: Testers Skills required: Very stron in … Continue reading

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TPOT’s First Law of Software Testing

The most important aspect of software testing is testing software. Sounds funny? Just look at most (pathetic) job postings – most emphasize writing test plans and master test plans, detail test plans and test cases in addition to having development … Continue reading

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Is SCRUM Making You Sick?

One popular SCRUM theater antic is to have all the developers and testers sit together at one table while they perform their work. My experience shows this is very distracting. If one “team member” gets a phone call, everyone gets … Continue reading

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New Annoyance Award goes to Adobe

Got Adobe? If so, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that after installing a new update, it asks you how you want to be notified of new updates. I can’t tell you how much I hate Adobe’s new way to annoy users by … Continue reading

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What does SCRUM short for?

Myth: SCRUM is not an acronym. Reality: SCRUM is short for SCRewed Up Methodology

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Welcome to T.P.O.T.

Welcome to The Pissed-Off Tester – T.P.O.T.   Economics is known as “the dismal science.” I claim that Software Testing & QA is “the dismal career.” Why am I pissed off? Let me count the ways.   Because testing is … Continue reading

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