Microsoft – A Company Adrift

Windows 8 is just further proof that Microsoft hasn’t got a clue about their user base or perhaps it just shows their greed and hubris. A company that has virtually no market share in smartphones and tablets decides to screw their entire install base by forcing Windows 8 upon them.  Recent history shows that every other OS release is a good one.  Ditto for Office 2007 and “the ribbon.”

Back in the day, Microsoft wasn’t known for innovation, but making software easy-to-use.  MSFT didn’t create the word processor, but they beat WordPerfect by making Word easy and intuitive to use.  Ditto for VisiCalc and Lotus123 (I remember how easy it was to use Multiplan back in the 8-bit OS days).

Stupid strategy

No doubt, MSFT looked into the future and said “Let’s unify our OS user interface across all platforms.”  A much better strategy would have been to do this after they established significant market share in the smartphone and tablet markets.  Microsoft forced on steep learning curve on its users – again – and many users will take a look at alternatives they may have never considered before.

One has to wonder what, if anything, is going on in the executives’ heads at Microsoft?

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