Who Wants to be a Billionaire? Windows OS Replacement Needed

The market is ripe for a viable Microsoft Windows OS replacement.  Many people are sick of being screwed by Redmond and TPOT is no exception.

I wonder if a shell could be developed and still give good performance?  I think this was done back in the Windows 3.0 ro 3.1 days.

Ubuntu or some other Linux flavor might do, if a decent UI/desktop exists (I haven’t kept up on Ubuntu).

Google certainly has the monetary and brain resources to develop an OS, but looking at some of their apps makes me wonder if they know much about users and UI’s – which is odd, since their uncluttered search engine page hits this spot on.

Apple can’t or won’t do it – to closely tied to hardware – technologically and financially.  But many users will defect from Microsoft to Apple.

Think of the market opportunities.  No corporation is the world will migrate to Windows 8.  The costs is astronomical – training (retraining, really); I’m not even considering the cost of buying touch screen hardware.

Of course, Microsoft will probably announce Windows 9, which will “unscrew” the screwed-up Windows 8.  Kinda reminds me of Kramer on Seinfeld – there’s a problem, Kramer jumps in and makes it much worse and then when things return back to the same problem, you feel so much better because the Kramer problem was solved, but you’re still left with your original problem.

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