Signs a Company isn’t Commited to Quality

Over the past couple of years (maybe more), I’ve noticed that it has become fairly standard to job requirements to include some kind of phrase about “being able to influence others” or “persuade others” when it comes to software quality.

Here is an example from General Motor’s from Jun 4, 2013…

Quality Assurance Business Analyst and Operations Lead-INF0004877

  • The QA Lead maintains the ability to influence projects without having to lean on authority to successfully deliver a quality product that may cross several functional teams.

Here’s another from PROLIM Global Corporation, whoever they are…

  • Excellent communication and persuasion skills to be a strong advocate for quality

Anyone who knows or has read anything about bringing quality to an organization, knows that the buy-off starts at the top – the CEO.  You won’t need to “persuade” your co-workers that they should take quality seriously, because management will get rid of those who don’t.

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