Is SCRUM Making You Sick?

One popular SCRUM theater antic is to have all the developers and testers sit together at one table while they perform their work.

My experience shows this is very distracting. If one “team member” gets a phone call, everyone gets interrupted. If someone comes in to talk to one person, everyone gets interrupted. And if you work with immature people, who text and IM jokes and other things around and then try to suppress their giggling, everyone gets interrupted – and yes, this is a true experience.

Then there’s the cold and flu and who knows what else. By sitting next to your sick co-worker, I’ve seen SCRUM teams wiped out and sprints miss their deliverables because of this. Now to throw gasoline on this fire, your employer probably has PTO – Paid Time Off. What does this mean? It means there are no sick days. So if you stay home sick, you are using your vacation time up. This virtually guarantees that sick employees will come to work no matter what. Most managers (SCRUM masters would cower) are too wimpy to tell sick employees to stay home and/or go to a doctor.

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