WTF?! Did Microsoft just change my Windows Admin UserID?

File this one under Microsoft Windows 8 (8.1 reaaly) horror stories.

I went to use Skype (purchased by MS) on Windows 8.1.  I had already gone thru the hassle of setting it up under Windows 8.0 – and no, as an existing Skype user you cannot simply bring up Skype, sign in and use it.  Microsoft forces you to use an email address and password to use Skype.  MS does not allow you to cancel out of this process, even though there is a cancel button.  I had to kill it using Task Manager.

So back to Skype & 8.1, when I went to use it, it now asked me to sign in – not to Skype, but to my local Windows admin account on my PC.  So I did.  Then it asked for the email address and I entered that.  Then they emailed a security number to that email addr and I needed to retreive it and paste it in to authenticate it was really me.  Did that.

Then a Skype wizard came up asking me if I wanted to store my Skype msgs and info in the cloud and “No” was “Not Recommended.”  Remember, I had already used Skype for years and also on Windows 8.0.  So I just accepted the Wizard’s defaults and tested Skype.  It appeared to work.

I wanted to test that the WiFi autoconnect worked from the location I was at, so I shutdown my computer and restarted it.  I logged in and my login failed.  Then I looked above the password textbox and noticed that the user name for my local Windows Admin account had been changed to my Skype email address!!!  I entered that password and bingo, I was logged into my laptop.

I can’t believe MS would change my local Windows Admin user account name, so I went in to User Accounts and sure enough – my old userID was nowhere to be found.  So now MSFT has my laptop’s Admin userID and password.  I’m feeling real comfortable about that!

Aboslutely, positively – Windows 8 will be the last Microsoft product I will ever buy.  I dumped Office in 2002, dumped IE in 2004, don’t use Xbox and would never buy a Windows-based smartphone.

Now looking at the Skype alternatives.  DUMP SKYPE NOW!

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