Job Postings: A New Trend – Copy & Paste

I’m now convinced that hiring managers, HR people and agencies are copying and pasting old or different job postings before the place them on Dice or Monster.

Ally Financial had a posting for ResCap, but it turned out that this job had nothing to do with ResCap (Residential Capital).

Here’s a posting from Dice today…

Manual QA Analyst


• Develop test cases/test scripts by proactively reading requirements and respective documentation.

• Manage test execution and execute automated and manual scripts against new build.

• Effectively communicate with internal team members and discuss functional requirements.

• Conduct walk-through of test scripts/cases and test results to obtain sign-off from internal QA team, development, and management.

• Identify and create test data

• Identify and escalate issues and risks.

• Own defects from identification to closure. Identify, record, and track defects. Actively participating in defect resolution. Define and execute retest cases/scripts/data

Design and implement modular and reusable automated testing solutions that satisfy testing requirements.

• Develop and maintain test scripts that automate testing of enterprise applications through the entire product life cycle.

• Create and execute test scripts, cases, and scenarios that will validate system performance according to specifications.

• Produce reports and documentation for all automated testing efforts, results, activities, data, logging and tracking.

• Frequently communicate test progress, test results, and other relevant information to team members and management.

• Develop/enhance and document automated testing methodology.

• Knowledge of QA methodology and industry-standard testing and bug tracking tools.

• Responsible for development of test strategies and creation, maintenance of appropriate comprehensive test plans.

• Work closely with Developers to understand the product and track, report, and verify bugs.

• Ability to understand technical specifications and analyze log files.

• Comfortable communicating cross-functionally and across management levels in formal and informal settings.

• Show creativity and initiative to improve product test coverage and effectiveness.

• Testing web-based applications in a high-availability, high performance and large scale environment.


• Bachelor’s degree in a technical or business discipline, generally 3+ years related experience.

• Skills in research, analysis, solution validation, and implementation.

• Ability to quickly adapt to new environments.

• Demonstrated aptitude to learn complex technical aspects of a software application.

• Strong analytical, reasoning, and problem solving skills.

• Self-directed with a high degree of initiative, ability to perform with minimal oversight and the ability to understand complex applications.

• Ability to work cooperatively in a group environment to achieve common goals; ability to build and maintain effective working relationships;

• Excellent communication skills (written, reading comprehension, listening, verbal) required.

• Ability to clearly present technical information, verbally and in writing, to audiences of diverse technical backgrounds

• Excellent organizational skills.

• Experienced using Microsoft Products, especially Visio, Project, Word and Excel.

• Solid knowledge of IT concepts, strategies and methodologies.

• Understanding of business practices common across many businesses.

• Proficiency with SQL (Oracle or Microsoft) and working with databases

• Determine and prioritize multiple tasks, work on several projects simultaneously and meet assigned deadlines.

Megan Fales

J R D Systems Inc
TPOT says “There’s a lot of automated stuff (5 mentions) in there for a “Manual QA Analyst” (1 mention)- but wait!  Maybe the QA is manual and the testing is automated.  Or perhaps you are manually running automated test scripts.
Here’s one where I think they just didn’t know what to put in, so they searched on some testing items and copied & pasted them in the job listing (I have removed most the “content” to highlight the bizarre):

Technical Software Analyst – Quality Analyst

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

§  yada, yada, yada [TPOT here]

§  Write SQL to support test cases

Experience Requirements:

Current knowledge of QA standards and compliance requirements (ex.​ 508)

TPOT:  The above is for a specialized business insurance company.  In all my years of testing, I’ve never done 508 compliance testing (accessibility).  There’s no mention of testing UI’s, but they do talk about backend (SQL) testing, but then they jump into 508 compliance?  Hmmm.

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